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Here goes.My first ever blog post. Welcome to a20somethingguy. For a long time now blogging has been a world in which I have dipped my toes in but never had the courage to dive head first in to. That changes now. At the grand old age of 21 I am finally pursuing my passion and channelling my inner creativity. For me the word creative does not necessarily mean being able to recreate a spectacular waterworks of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. If it did I’d be the least creative person out of the 7 billion people on this planet. I see it as being able to create anything, whether it be an amazing shot (probably with multiple filters) on an iPhone or speaking in public about something you care for. This is what I intend to do. Create.

The world is obsessed with the internet. We all walk round with mini computers in our pockets and become anxious when we lose signal or can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Bless our souls. Whilst I sometimes find this annoying I also find it incredibly exciting. We can literally transport ourselves to anywhere we want; whether it be Instagram making us envious of a friend in Southern Australia, Pinterest making us want to redecorate our home with the coolest random objects or Skype bringing our loved ones into our lives wherever we are. I want to tap into some of this excitement and create content.

So what now? Well I’m going to blog about aspects of my life, things I love and hate and pretty much anything I get up to. If you enjoy and can relate PERFECT. Follow me on every social media platform, subscribe to my blog and all that spiel. Join me on my creative journey. Join me at a20somethingguy.


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