Book Review |Connor Franta’s – A Work in Progress


If you’re used to the phrase ‘Youtuber’ you’ll instantly recognise the name Connor Franta. With nearly 5 million subscribers on his main channel he is quite the name. His first book, ‘A Work in Progress’ is an autobiography but at the age of 22 what life skills and experiences have you really got to pass on? I was sceptical about this but turns out a lot of lessons can be learnt.

When the book was delivered I was immediately hooked by the short but sweet blurb. I instantly felt I could relate. It read, ‘I’m just a small-town kid trying to figure out my place in the big, wide world. I’ve only been around for twenty-two years, and there’s so much left for me to explore and learn’. I couldn’t wait to dive in.

From cover to cover there are a lot of aspects of growing up described that I feel a lot of people can relate to. Whether it be social acceptance in school and feeling the need to ‘fit in’ to the awkward puberty stage when not one person looks pretty. Connor also manages to even give you a bit of an ego boost imparting wisdom on how to accept yourself for everything that you are and being proud of it.

A highlight, without giving too much away, was where Connor’s parents wrote a letter each about how Connor was growing up and how they see him. It really got me thinking….what on earth would my parents write? I also found Connor talking about his sexuality so openly very refreshing and his honesty is admirable.

So who do I recommend this book to? I’d say any teens and 20 somethings. It really makes you want to pursue anything you dream of and actually gives you the inspiration to do so. At this age I feel you may fall in a rut. I myself only have one year left at university and it scares the hell out of me! What next? This book has taught me to just go with the flow and try live for you and most of all enjoy life as it seems to quickly pass by you. If you need a bit of inspiration at this point in your life BUY IT!

Here’s a couple of links for the book….


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