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marcusbutler--asoemthingguy-declan-williams-hello-life-2One of the original ‘Youtubers’ Marcus Butler has done the perhaps unoriginal thing and wrote a book titled, ‘Hello Life!’ It seems that if someone has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube they then get a call from a publishing company asking if they’d like to make more money and before some of Marcus’s greatest fans send me hateful comments I do not thing this is a bad thing! I REPEAT, I do not think this is a bad thing. Even in your 20’s you do have some valuable life experiences and do have some knowledge to share with younger people.

hellolife-declanwilliams-a20somethingguy-hellolife-3This is now the second ‘Youtubers’ book I have read and I
can already see a common theme. They seemed too aimed at the 12-18 age bracket. I can fully understand why, as that is the group of people that hit the subscribe button the most. This resulted in parts of the book being perhaps a bit irrelevant for me. I don’t really need advice on how to get over exam jitters or how to date (some people might say otherwise). On the contrary, sometimes everyone needs a bit of positivity in their lives. The last part of the book is a self-help section on how to get what you want from your life. It really makes you hone in on what is actually important and to never give up on your dreams. So thanks Marcus for reminding me of that.


Another section I really liked is the part on healthy living. If ‘Youtube’ is completely alien to you then you won’t know about Marcus’ body transformation. Watch the video here – Marcus was always slim but, like we all do, had hang-ups about his body and appearance and decided to change it bit by bit. I see some of this in me and with the help of this book I think I now know why I tried and failed ‘getting fit’ so many times. I set unachievable targets. I am not going to have the body of Tom Daley in 3 months even though it’s sad I have to face it (sat eating and feeling sorry for myself).  So now, with the added inspiration of Marcus I’m going to change this bit by bit, day by day. I want to lead a more positive healthy life; both physically and mentally. I may even take you along this journey with me with blogs and vlogs so watch this space.

marcusbutler-hellolife-a20seomthingguy-declanwilliams-review-5So why buy this book? Buy it if you fancy an easy read, immersing yourself in someone else’s reality who learned to follow their dreams and succeed from them. I know I needed it at this point in my life with university coming to a close and so many unanswered questions so maybe you might too? I’ll leave a few links below on sites to buy it and the link for Marcus’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!!

Let me know what you think in the comments below? Ever read it or want to? Can you recommend any other Youtuber books?


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