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What’s this? Another blogger writing about skincare, beauty and cosmetics? Surely not? How original. Oh well. Get over it. You might want to treat yourself to some of these products just like I did.

With summer officially drawing to a close and with winter drawing ever nearer, I thought it was the perfect time to treat myself to some skincare products using the ever dwindling student overdraft (sorry parents). Prior to this spending spree I’ve never really used many male grooming products. To be honest I just usually relied on the generic Christmas products to see me through the year. I decided to change this when my Mum commented on my first wrinkle appearing. This comment, from the ever confidence giving mother, also coincided with GQ branding 2015 the official takeover year for male grooming. This all intrigued me so this is what I bought…..


Before you read any further, Kiehl’s definitely isn’t the cheapest brand if this is your first male skincare product. I purchased the ‘Facial Fuel’ set which comprises of a face wash and moisturiser; costing just shy of £40. I have to be honest though, after using them together my skin has never felt so clean and I love it. It is advised to use them both on the morning and evening but I think I’ll just stick to a morning to give me a fresh face for those 9AM lectures. I will also make them last a bit longer! The face wash is also ideal for pre-shave skincare. Check out their range of products, both male and female, at



Every skincare novice seems to run to LUSH and I was no different. With its on point marketing and overpowering scent as you wander past their stores they just can’t be ignored. I went a bit girly and decided to treat myself to two bath bombs and a face mask. Don’t judge. The bath bombs I bought are called ‘Big Blue’ and ‘The Experimenter’. Although ‘The Experimenter’ gave that typical explosion of colour when it hit the water I actually preferred the ‘Big Blue’. I think its probably due to the fact that I love the sea and the beach and ‘Big Blue’ transports you right there; with it’s mix of Sea Salt, Vanilla and Arame Seaweed. I’d just recommend to try a few bath bombs to find your favourite.


I actually don’t know why I went that bit more feminine and bought a face mask but I did. When deciding, two words drew me to ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’. These were moisture and blueberries. Moisture because my face seems really dry at the moment and blueberries because I love to eat them. Nothing else. I’m glad I did make such a quick decision because I absolutely love it and would recommend. Find all these products and more at



They say a dog is man’s best friend and they’re certainly right in this case. I’m unfortunately not one of these people that jump out of bed and look no different to what they did the night before. My eyes are so damn puffy! Thankfully I think I’ve found a product to help. The simple ‘Original Eye Roll-On’ from Bulldog seems to do the trick, relying on the powers of avocado oil, cucumber oil and Brazilian ginseng extract (god knows what that is) to banish dark circles from my face. So if you want to look fresh first thing in a morning I’d thoroughly recommend. I purchased this on


So are there any skincare/beauty products you swear by? Can you recommend anymore? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 x


5 thoughts on “Male Grooming | Kiehl’s, Bulldog & LUSH

  1. Annette says:

    Good blog Dex! I’m a boring old Clinique girl myself but I do love the quirkiness of Benefit products and the way they market them in a way that makes you feel you need them all! 😀


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