Jesmond Food Market



Firstly, can we get a little ‘HURRAY’ for me managing to blog and hold down third year at the same time as I’m yet to get the balance right. I’m only a few weeks in and the work load is already so much more than anything previously! To de-stress me and one of my flatmates decided to visit Jesmond Food Market; a brand new food market on Armstrong Bridge in the beautiful Jesmond Dene. Featuring over 20 stalls showcasing everything from freshly baked breads to Arabic street food. Whether you’re a student or resident in Newcastle I’d highly recommend it. A word of warning to any student in their overdraft; you will spend quite a bit of money.


With me having a bit of a sweet tooth I instantly gravitate towards anything sweet so it was a good job one of the first stalls we came across was regional chocolatier, North Chocolates. This award winning chocolate instantly draws you in with unique flavours such as Lemon and Lemon Salt. That was the first £10 spent with the lovely Bev letting us taste anything we wanted to.


Just opposite the chocolate was a whole load of macaroons at another stall by Dreamworld Cakes.  I was now 100% certain that this market was designed for me to put on some weight. That was my second purchase of the day; I’ve loved them ever since my Mum used to bring some home from Harrods in London.


It was now time for some lunch and with iconic Newcastle restaurants such as Fat Hippo and Longhorns having stalls there it was hard to be tempted to try something new. We luckily resisted this temptation and tried some Middle Eastern cuisine provided by Papa Ganoush. Their grilled shawarma was to die for. The gent that served me was talking about how they are looking for a premises to have a restaurant, of which I will be keeping my eyes peeled for.

Jesmond Food Market is a relatively new concept but I was pleased to learn on my way out that it will now be a monthly event in the calendar with the next two being on Saturday 19th November and 21st December. I’m really hoping the stalls in December will be full of Christmas treats!! I’d definitely recommend the food market to anyone in the North East of the UK.


Have you visited this market or any other food market recently? What did you like about them? Let me know in the comments!


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