A little day trip to Edinburgh Zoo

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As part of my degree I took a trip to Edinburgh Zoo last week in the freezing cold Scottish autumn. I decided to take my camera to have my first go at wildlife photography which I thought I’d share with you. Along with the pictures I thought I’d also share my favourite parts and some hints and tips for a trip to the zoo!


There’s just something about a Chimpanzee that draws me to them. I get a little bit freaked out about how human they are (98% to be precise). The Budongo Trail which houses the species is one of my highlights from the zoo. The exhibit boast a variety of viewing windows for both the indoor and outdoor enclosures. I was lucky enough to photograph this male at a perfect time and I’m so happy with the result. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with him…


Housing king, rockhopper and gentoo penguins, the largest outdoor enclosure for penguins known as ‘Penguin Rock’ is a definite highlight at Edinburgh Zoo.  At 65m in length the exhibit allows the penguins to engage in a multitude of natural behaviours which I could watch for hours. I find how they go from being so graceful in the water to the complete opposite on land. Edinburgh Zoo also does a daily ‘Penguin Parade’ in which some penguins exit their enclosure and walk along a route lined with visitors. If I’m honest I did find it a bit anti-climatic but I can see how it would appeal to families with younger children.


Another highlight from the zoo are of course the world famous Pandas which are the only pair you will find throughout the UK! A breeding pair named Tian Tian and Yang Guang were sent from China a few years ago with the hopes of a little cub being born. Unfortunately Giant Pandas are extremely hard to breed in captivity and the zoo is yet to be successful. However, this does not sidetrack from casting your eyes on such an iconic animal. If you are wanting to visit the pandas then you need to book as limited space is available each day.


Overall, as one of the UK’s best known zoos I did expect a little bit more; it is definitely not on par with the likes of Chester. A lot of the enclosures seem a bit old and run down and the lack of big cats is noted (only lions and tigers). The weather on the day of my visit didn’t help as it was so cold and rainy. I’d definitely suggest for guests to try visit on a day with a fine forecast. This zoo is also incredibly hilly so take this into account when visiting. Also take advantage of the keeper talks as they provide a lot more insight.

Here are a few more photos from my day….



Before you visit why not check out the website!


Have you been to Edinburgh zoo? What was your favourite part? Do you have any recommendations for things to do in Edinburgh? Photography feedback would also be good 😀




19 thoughts on “A little day trip to Edinburgh Zoo

  1. Jenny says:

    I love visiting our local zoo. It’s a shame you were a little disappointed with your visit. I think they are incredibly expensive to run and money has to be spent on food and care of the animals rather than the visitor experience.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. North East Family Fun says:

    We like Edinburgh zoo and don’t find it too expensive – quite close so nice to spend the day there (although I’m not keen on the hill!). I’ve heard lots of fab things about Chester zoo though so think we’ll make the change and go there next year. I LOVE your photos – esp the chimp and panda shots! (Panda was asleep with back to us when we visited) x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fuss Free Helen says:

    Lovely photos, and some great composition. Thinks look so much better not centered, but it takes a bit of courage to put the subject to one side.


  4. Mel Burt (@raisethewaves) says:

    I love the photographs in this post especially the one with the hand on the little monkey paw. The penguin parade was always my favourite thing as a kid but it’s definitely a bit of a letdown once you grow up. It’s a shame that a lot of the enclosures are rundown, I’m sure Edinburgh zoo makes enough money from ticket sales to be able to improve the enclosures.


  5. Foto bugil Ngentot Memek says:

    Ek is lief vir die foto’s in hierdie post veral die een met die hand op die klein aap klou . Die pikkewyn parade was altyd my gunsteling ding soos ‘n kind , maar dit is beslis ‘n bietjie van ‘n teleurstelling wanneer jy grootword . Dit is ‘n skande dat ‘n groot deel van die kampe is verduideliking , ek is seker Edinburgh dieretuin maak genoeg geld uit kaartjieverkope om in staat wees om die kampe te verbeter .


    1. a20somethingguy says:

      *English translation* – I love the pictures in this post especially one mouth with his hand on the small monkey . The penguin parade was always my favorite thing as a kid , but it ‘s definitely a bit of a disappointment when you grow up . It ‘s a shame that a lot of the camps explanation , I’m sure Edinburgh Zoo make enough money from ticket sales to be able to improve the camps .


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