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So it’s all over! Can you believe it that yet another festive season has come and gone in the blink of an eye? I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing a Christmas gift haul so I thought I’d combine it with my birthday presents and share with you a selection of some of my favourite gifts! Enjoy 😀 

XmasBirthday Haul Collage

Firstly, I have definitely got back into reading over the last few months so I asked for a few books! I’ve read quite a few YouTubers books now including Connor Franta, Marcus Butler and Joey Graceffa’s so I thought it was time to try the King of YouTube’s debut book ‘Binge’ by Tyler Oakley! Other than YouTuber autobiographies, I am also enjoying thrillers after recently reading Gone Girl. I had heard that ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins was of a similar genre so it was a must! I actually purchased the third book, ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig with Christmas money as I’ve heard it should be put on prescription for anyone struggling with depression so I thought it may be a good idea to read.

XmasBirthday Haul Post 1

Earlier this year, when I purchased my Macbook, I just bought the first case I thought would protect it. No design, no logos, no nothing. Just an overpriced Apple add-on. When I stumbled upon this wooden sticker by Woodsoul on Etsy I sent the link straight to the momma and I’m so glad I did as I absolutely love it!  XmasBirthday Haul Post 2
Now let’s talk outerwear. I did get a more formal overcoat from Topman but I’m still getting to grips with fashion photography so I’ve not bothered photographing it. I will however, leave the link here so you can have a look! To compliment this I got a mahoooosive scarf which is apparently from Primark (you couldn’t tell)! The gloves are from Next and the whole oufit looks very smart.XmasBirthday Haul Blog 3

Now lets look at the many smellies and grooming products I received. I think I must have aged more in the past year as I got quite a few. Firstly, the ‘Copper Oud’ set is from Next. Both me and my mum have become obsessed with anything ‘Oud’ and instantly gravitate towards it. I think this must be the reason it was in the sack from Santa. Other gifts included a moisturiser and post shave balm from L’oreal, a ‘Face and Body Wash’ from Liz Earle and a christmassy Lush set. The Lush set was their ‘Christmas Party’ one. It includes three products; a Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, a baked Alaska soap and a Snowman shower jelly.



One of my new year resolutions is to really try and give yoga a go as when I tried it a couple of time in 2015 I loved it. To make sure I do this I bought a mat and beginners DVD with my Christmas money! I’ll probably let you in in future posts on how I get on.

XmasBirthday Haul Post 7

And finally, shoes! I got a couple of pairs and the two could not be further apart in both style and look. Firstly some Chelsea boots from Next. I can’t wait to wear these at more formal occasions. They go perfectly well with my new coat mentioned earlier as well!

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Then there’s this super colourful pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s from End clothing. They are quite a summery pair of shoes so I may have to wait for the weather to break before I wear them but I can’t wait!

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So there you go. That’s some of my favourite Christmas and birthday presents that I got last week. There was, of course, multiple boxes of chocolate and sweets which I’m still working through. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’m now off to go work some of this festive season weight off. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite gift was!

Thanks 😀







10 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Christmas/Birthday Gift Haul!

  1. Annette says:

    Looks like Santa was very good to you Declan – you must have been in the ‘nice’ list! Love that scarf – it looks like a designer item! I got Nic some Chelsea boots too in a light tan colour which proved to be not very practical when visiting The Empire and other entertainment outlets in town!


  2. Ami says:

    That scarf is lovely!! Yuzu and Cocoa is my favourite scent ever at the moment, I can’t believe I’ve only just tried it. I really want to read that ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ book as well, it’s been on my wishlist forever x

    Ami | perksofbeingami


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