Fashion | What I’m wanting | Spring Edition

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Fashion Post Spring Cover 2Is anyone else getting so over winter yet? I know that I certainly am! Luckily the days are getting longer and we are getting ever closer to March and the official start of Spring. It is with this upcoming turn of the seasons that I’ve decided to write my first fashion post as promised a few weeks back now. I’ve been browsing online over the last week, piecing together items I want to see hung in my wardrobe in the next few months. As I’m on a student budget, I’m keeping it pretty much to the high street and writing honestly about what I can afford. Let’s delve….


As Topshop is a staple for women’s fashion, Topman is the same for men. My first item was actually spotted on Jim Chapman, one of my favourite vloggers, whilst watching the BBC 3 documentary, ‘Rise of the Superstar Vloggers’. I noticed how cool his backpack was, suiting his more formal and tailored style. I think it’d be perfect when dressed smart and still needing a practical bag to use, especially when travelling as an example.  It also looks like cord jackets and even trousers are making a strong comeback for the rest of the year. I love the colour and style of the jacket and I think it would be the perfect spring weather item for when the days still have a hint of chill in the air. There seems to be quite a selection of colours on the site already but my favourite is the burgundy pictured belowScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 17.32.26 Topman Cord Jacket 1


Throughout the years I have often found River Island a little hit and miss. I can go in and have spent £100s or absolutely nothing – there never really seems to be any middle ground. Having browsed their website I was a little disappointed with the selection at the minute but I’m sure more and more SS 16 items will be added soon. I did, however, spot this checkered shirt which I think deserved a mention. I’m always a sucker for a shirt and the contrast collar drew me in even more. With it being just £25 also helped as well. River Island Shirt 1ZARA 

I’ve always loved the simple, yet unique style that Zara brings to the fashion table. Having recently looked through the ‘New in’ section on their website, I stumbled upon this faux suede printed jacket in a honey type colour pictured below. Priced at just below £60 it is a little pricey and I often find you need to style Zara items with other Zara items to get the most from them. This is when the student overdraft really starts to come in handy. I’ll definitely give this one a think.

Zara Jacket 1.png


The era of the superhero doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon with the release of Deadpool, a third Captain America and Batman vs Superman this year to name just a few. I always love going to the cinema to see these films and if anyone hasn’t seen Deadpool yet I’d 100% recommend. You may be thinking that I’m going off topic but I’m actually just introducing my next pick – this Justice League printed t-shirt.

Justice League Tee 1

Now for some shoes! ASOS always has a huge collection, with many styles emulating that of premium designer brands for a much smaller price tag. With no exception is these Boat Shoes, priced at just £28. Styled with turned up jeans as seen in the picture below will create a guy next door kind of look which is always a fashionable look going through to spring and summer.

ASOS Boat Shoes 1

So there it is. My first little fashion post of what items and trends I’ve been browsing, with some of the items I’ll hopefully be purchasing in the next few months. Let me know what you think and maybe leave some of your favourites down in the comments below too!




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