Fashion | Brit Awards 2016 Red Carpet

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I’m enjoying writing about fashion so I thought I’d continue. Aside from Adele well and truly taking the Brit Awards by storm, this red carpet event also provides us with intriguing looks and current trends. In this post I’ll highlight some of my favourites whether it be for good or bad reasons. 

Years & Years 

Brit Fashion Post 2

All three members of electropop band Years & Years seem to have their own distinct style with frontman Olly Alexander definitely being the most outlandish. For this year’s Brits Olly didn’t disappoint with his matching bold patterned jacket, t-shirt, trouser combo. I love the fact that he likes to be different with not only his fashion sense but also his hair – notice the blue stripe in the picture above! He also wears a necklace featuring the gay pride flag; a nod to LGBT history month currently underway. Go Olly!

Louis Tomlison & Liam Payne 

Brits Fashion Post 1

With One Direction currently ‘on a break’ it was up to Louis & Liam to represent them at this year’s Brits. In my opinion, without Harry, the fashion aesthetic of the band is pretty plain and boring, looking like they’d purchased their suits from New Look. With rumours floating around of Liam and newly single fashion mogul Cheryl (I think Fernandez-Versini, could be back to Cole or even back to Tweedy) dating, we may see his style improve if she dresses him.

Henry Cavill 

Brit Post 5

Superman himself! Clearly invited for some publicity due to the upcoming release of Batman V Superman, amongst the swarm of eccentricity the Brits brings, Henry looks a bit out of place. With that being said I do think he looks good and definitely wears a suit well. I can’t help but wonder if he has the Superman costume on underneath though?

Justin Bieber 


Yes I, like everyone, became a bit of a Belieber in 2015. His performace was good at the Brits. He seems to be taking the moral high ground these days and not spending nights in a Miami prison. You could say his overall image is definitely heading in a more positive direction….finally. All he needs to do now is improve his fashion sense. I just don’t get the oversized t-shirt and jacket with the jeans hanging off him. He isn’t 16 anymore…sorry Biebs.

Reggie Yates 

Brit Fashion Post 3

Nothing much to say here other than cool! Plain and simply cool. Reggie always delivers when it comes to fashion – I definitely think he’s underrated and should find himself in various best dressed lists throughout media. Get your act together GQ!

James Bay 

Blog Post 6

‘Hold Back the River’ singer and Brit Award ‘Best British Male’ winner James Bay always seems to be very on trend and looking sharp.  If I was asked who was the best dressed at this year’s event I’d definitely say him. He somehow seems to intertwine the music he creates with what he wears which is clever! Keep on being brilliant!

So that’s a wrap for this year’s Brit Awards! Who do you think was the best dressed from the night? Is there anyone I missed that you think deserved a mention? Let me know in the comments below!




5 thoughts on “Fashion | Brit Awards 2016 Red Carpet

  1. Cecilia Keinapel says:

    Great post! You write really well and have your own style like it. I have to say that I am not very fan of years and years styles, I don’t think any of the guys had any good outfits. I agree with you when you say that 1D is boring without Harry.

    Liked by 1 person

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