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London 4If you’ve read previous posts you’d probably know that I was in the London area a couple of weeks back. I have been meaning to post this for a while but unfortunately a serious dose of the man flu hit me and it knocked me out for nearly two weeks – everyone feel sorry for Declan haha. On a more positive note, I’m delighted to share this hidden treasure of a walk with everyone as something to do if you live in or visit London. Let’s get on with it….

At this point in my trip I was staying at a friend’s house in Kew which is situated in South West London. To get to the start of the walk we jumped on the tube to Paddington which is situated a couple minutes away from the start of the route at Little Venice. Little Venice is exactly as the name suggests – a picturesque narrowboat hangout with boat tours and canal side cafés galore. It really is a bit of an urban oasis the heart of London and a great place to start.London 1

Opened in 1820 the canal passes through Hackney, Islington & Camden, providing a uniquely green corridor through central London. It is just before arriving at Regent’s Park that a collection of jaw-dropping ancient Greek inspired mansions can be seen. I don’t know who owns them but they’re incredibly lucky. JUST LOOK…

London 2London 3

Next on the sightseeing list is  ZSL London Zoo and if you have more time than we did it’d be perfect timing to take a detour and go explore. If it’s not your kind of thing you can actually see both the Warthog & African Painted Dog enclosures from the river which for a zoologist like me is an added bonus.

London 5

The final destination on this route is the world famous Camden Lock Market.  It features stalls from some of London’s finest designers, artists, musicians and independent sellers. It also has food stalls serving cuisines from all corners of the world from Korea to Jamaica and back again. After browsing the stalls we all chose a stall named CHIA  which advertises itself as ‘healthy street food’. The wraps we all had were AMAZING; filled with grilled chicken, halloumi, salad, avocado and pomegranate seeds – DELICIOUS!

London 6London 4

It was so fulfilling to do something that wasn’t the cliché tourist experience in London for a change and I loved it. It’s something I’d like to do again and highly recommend to Londoners or visitors. It doesn’t really have to be all that nice weather to enjoy either which is a plus in this country.

Travel Tip 

Commuting around London has never been easier with the rise of contactless cards which can now be used instead of an Osyter card. It is the same discounted price as using an oyster and also has the same daily caps – you’ll never spend more than £6.50 a day if you travel round zones 1 & 2 for example. You can make an online account to keep a track of your journeys and the money spent which is incredibly handy. For more information visit the Transport for London website.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and I’m super sorry everything has been so inconsistent recently. With my final year at university drawing to a close the workload is just crazy right now. When it’s all over I’ll be taking blogging a hell of a lot more seriously!


Your a20somethingguy,





3 thoughts on “Travel | London | Regent’s Canal Walk

  1. Samantha Rickelton says:

    Sounds like a fab way to see this part of London – I’ve never seen little Venice but would love to. I am curious who owns those mansions now though???

    We have just returned from London too and Steve was able to use Apple pay on his iPhone and just hold his phone over the exits – it was fab! Very impressive.

    Camden is my absolute favourite part of London. I had a necklace made there once while I waited and the food is fab – I like sitting on the retro scooters 🙂


    1. a20somethingguy says:

      No I hadn’t seen any of this part of London in all the times I’ve visited! Apparently it’s some very very very rich Russian billionaires but I’m not 100% sure?

      I think it’s so handy how you can pay for things like that!

      Hope you had an amazing time in London – I’ll get watching your vlog 😀


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