Lifestyle | Why summer blockbuster season is nowhere near over…

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Summer Blockbusters

The term ‘summer blockbuster’ is one I’d use a lot more loosely these days with the season starting earlier and earlier each year. We’ve already had two movies based on super-powered beings fighting against each other; one greatly better than the other. I’ll leave you to decide but in my opinion the better sounded something like Copper Man vs Captain Canada.  As well as this, the World of Warcraft gamers couldn’t save the awful script of their movie and we all sang and tapped along to Baloo once again singing the ‘Bare Necessities’. We were also surprised by Hugh Jackman’s cameo in the thought provoking action of X-Men:Apocalypse. I am an absolute sucker for the blockbuster season and thought I’d share with you some of the summer’s remaining films to really look forward too!

The Legend of Tarzan – July 6th

There’s two main things that excite me the most about this film. The first is, who doesn’t love Tarzan? I remember back to the 1999 version created by Disney with Phil Collins’ awesome soundtrack – remember classics such as ‘You’ll be in my heart’ & ‘Two Worlds’?The second is the return of David Yates as a director; his first since bringing the epic finale of the Harry Potter series to our screens. I also look forward to seeing what Alexander Skarsgard will do with the character; an actor I’ve liked since his earlier days in ‘True Blood’.

Ghostbusters – July 11th 

When the trailer hit Youtube for this version of ‘Ghostbusters’ with an all female ghost busting team it made headlines. Why? Because it made history by becoming the most disliked video on Youtube. If I’m honest I have never been much of a ‘Ghostbusters’ fan but I feel having an all female cast may bring newer audiences – I know I’ll go pay to see it! The die hard fans will just have to get over it. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is in it and who doesn’t love him?

The BFG – 22 July

Stephen Speilberg is back, this time adapting the much loved children’s book by Roald Dahl. What you can certainly look forward to in this movie is amazing CGI with Speilberg reporting that this was the greatest challenge he’s ever faced when it comes to special effects. When you take into account that he’s also done ‘Avatar’, the ‘Planet of the Apes’ movies and ‘Beowulf’ there is definitely something special in this film. I hope it isn’t as scary at the older animated film as that terrified me as a child and I don’t want any flashbacks.

Finding Dory – July 29th 

13 years ago we all fell in love with a cute little clown fish called Nemo and his worrisome father, Marlin. We also fell in love with a little blue tang suffering from short term memory loss, Dory. Many people said that a sequel wasn’t needed, with the first being so good it shouldn’t run the risk of being spoilt. Personally I think it’s always needed a sequel and judging by the box office results from the US it was the right decision. I think it’s so clever how these films subtly send environmental messages and I can’t wait to see what ‘Finding Dory’ brings. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

Suicide Squad – 5th August 

The trailer is explosive! The cast looks amazing! The joker is back! Who couldn’t ask for more? I’m really hoping 2016’s second visit to the DC universe is a whole lot better than its predecessor. I’m so intrigued as to what Jared Leto will do with the character of the Joker after Heath Ledger’s academy award winning performance. I’m also excited to see if Cara Delevingne can actually act. We’ll have to wait and see.

There are, of course, many more films still to come out over the next few months but I’d thought I’d pick my top favourites. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and make sure you watch the trailers!






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